Saturday, January 2, 2010

So, I guess I'm starting a blog...

Ha! For years my husband has been trying to convince me to start a blog... and for some reason today, I decided to try it. It's pretty ironic that I am starting to blog at this stage in my life, since I really can't think of anything that I have going on in my life that would be of interest to anyone other than my Mom and Dad.... I have done some blog-worthy things in my life - I lived and taught for two years in Mexico, lived in the exotic state of Maine and went to school there, got married (yes, that is blog-worthy to some these days, lol) moved to Calgary in -40 degree weather - and yes, that was definitely blog-worthy to a winterhater like me, started having babies (and I don't have to tell anyone how many blogs there are about THAT these days). Eventually, my husband's work took us to Trois Rivieres, Montreal and then Paris (for the record, Paris was my favourite of our temporary work stints - no offence to the Hell Angels who were in neighbours in TR - also blog-worthy...).

After returning to Calgary from France with our two kids, we decided to have another. Maybe because of my age, maybe because I had worn out my fertility good luck, the third time was not easy. We had several miscarriages, eventually being pregnant with twins (one of whom is our wonderful Baby Kate). We lost one of the twins, and the rest of the pregnancy was extremely difficult. Bedrest is not as sweet as it sounds, especially when you have two young kids. I am not recounting any of this to be a debbiedowner; just to make the point that these were all blog-worthy times in my life.

Then, the week that Baby Kate was born, our oldest was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Those first few months with a newborn and sick older child were off-the-hook with stress for our family. There is a lot to learn with Type 1 Diabetes. Again, a blog-worthy series of events. Not that I had time to even shower, but that's not the point. Eventually, our son Brad was diagnosed with the same disease when he was 4 yrs old, and while it was very sad for us, it was not the devastating news it was the first time round.

In the last two years, many people have told me I should have a blog about raising two kids with Juvenile Diabetes. But, I am not interested in that. It holds little interest to anyone who doesn't also live with this type of diabetes. Plus, it can be a downer. And, we have happy lives. Our day to day lives are impacted every hour by diabetes, but we don't let it dictate everything we do. Or don't do. The truth is we have a lot of fun and lots of laughs.

I'm thinking about taking a cooking class, a decorating class, and every second day, I think of looking for a part time job. Just when I am convinced I should try to find a flexible part time job, I look at Kate and get kicked with guilt. My friend jokingly suggested I be a webcam girl. What's funny about that is that I think my neighbour is one.

It's late, this is way too long and boring for anyone, but at least the first post is behind me. Now, I can start complaining how if I see Sarah Palin refer to the "Real America" one more time, I will sick Tiger Woods on her. I actually have his number from my waitressing days. That was also during a previous, extremely blog-worthy period of my life. But, there was no internet then. Thank goodness for me and my reputation. I would hate for my name to be in the same sentence as the name Jamie Jungers.

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