Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Mom, is your 'blob' ready?"

So, one of the things that has inspired me to start a blog is this cutesy new MacBook we recently purchased (shout-out to the Best Buy Boxing Week sales!). I finished the first entry several days ago, but have had no time to get to the actual creating of the blog; the choosing of colours for text, background, font, pictures for the profile, etc... If I don't soon just get to it, this will soon be a blog about creating a blog. On blogger. Not even on my own. So, I've chosen some simple colours and font just to finally get started.

Spent most of the day with the kids at the Children's Hospital. We received a lot of snow today, so the roads and conditions were terrible. On the long drive home, we were constantly hit in the windshield by flying rocks and stones. "We" don't salt the roads here in Alberta. Actually, we don't even plow the roads here in Alberta. Instead, they sand the roads with finely ground gravel. Trust me, it's not that finely ground. Few windshields make it through the winters unscathed. Anyway, every 5 minutes, a rock would hit the van and scare me. Thank God I don't drink coffee anymore (well, none with caffeine in it) or I would have been jumping and squealing each time. Caffeine does not bring out the best in me. I can provide a long list of people who have unwittingly startled me, and can back this up. Anyway, I was wishing I was driving Gary's truck, when this hummer flew past me, cut in front of us, spit a load of gravel onto the windshield... yadda, yadda, yadda, we have a 2 foot crack in the windshield of the van. Our poor Honda didn't stand a chance against that Hummer. Hummers are obnoxious, aren't they?


  1. That windshield is going to be expensive...


  2. "Blob". Ha ha. Kids'r cute.

    ~ The Pat.