Thursday, January 7, 2010

The one thing I have in common with Meryl Streep

I love Meryl Streep. Most women in my demographic love her. From Kramer vs Kramer and Out of Africa to Doubt and Julie and Julia, she's magnificent. I've never seen Sophie's Choice (if I couldn't handle it before kids, I certainly can't handle it now). Watching her in interviews, I am struck by her down-to-earthiness, her great sense of humour and her colourful language, which I love. Seeing her recently, wig-less, in It's Complicated with Alec Baldwin, (who I also love, despite that ugly voice mail) I realized I have something in common with her... bad hair. The exact same type of hair. Hair that has gotten worse and worse with each pregnancy and birth, and all that goes along with that.

So, I have the same hair as Meryl Streep. Makes me hate my hair just a little bit less.

Speaking of Julie and Julia, I need a point for this blog... my original idea had been to start cooking new recipes that I haven't done before, that are both healthy and animal friendly, if not totally vegetarian, and write about the results (okay, very UNoriginal, I know.... )

I already eat a very healthy diet. Frustratingly healthy for some in my inner circle; particularly those in my marriage. I've never been a meat lover, so it's easy for me to avoid it. No white flour, no white rice, no pasta - period, and no junk food and no fast food, ever. I love coffee, but haven't had any (decaf) for a week, and I haven't had caffeinated coffee in months. Decaf coffee alone is not at all bad for you, nor is regular coffee bad for most people, but I only like my coffee very sweet, and very creamy. Not milky. Creamy. Must be creamy. And, I love chocolate. I eat a lot of it, daily. After the food, chocolate and wine overindulgences of the holidays, I had a hankering to do a cleanse. I always do one after a vacation or holiday season. Because, I luuuuve my liver. The liver is the donkey of the body, overworked and underappreciated. It deals with all the food and junk we eat, drink, and medicines we ingest. So, the supplements were started, the coffee was gone, wine was long-gone, and the cheese.... would keep.

But, do you think I can stop eating chocolate this week? No. I can't. I've had two pieces of this extraordinarily good chocolate fudge here while typing! (Plus Gary loaded up on good Christmas chocolates he found at the grocery store 1/2 price after Christmas... that's not helping). But, you know what I think Meryl would say?

She'd say, "**** it, Lori, life is short." And, she's right.


  1. And she would be right! A little chocalte never hurt anyone, escpecially when it is half price.

    PS: I love your hair...

  2. The donkey of the body. That's awesome.

    You really should post links of your blog entries on FB so we know there's a new one up. Or...more to the point, so *I* know there's a new one.

    Let's be honest... The Pat cares only for himself.