Monday, May 17, 2010

The Pianist

Today was a long-ish day. It started at 4am when Gary left for work in Mexico, and it didn't stop until after 7:00 when we got home from swimming lessons. I was trying to get all the kids' teeth brushed and read to and tucked in, all the while Ellie was playing the piano.

She loves to play the piano. She practices a lot. A lot. It's loud. Sometimes, it sounds great, and sometimes it sounds like an accompaniment to a descent into madness. I had Kate and Brad upstairs and had asked Ellie to get off the piano about 10 times. I came downstairs, ready to tell her FIRMLY to get upstairs.

But, I looked at her little body sitting on that piano bench, so focused on her music that instead I went over, sat down by her and told her how great she sounded.

"Do you want me to play something for you, Mummy?" Of course, I said, I'd love that. So, we sat there side by side, snuggled-ish and she played several songs. She played some nice ones very well. And, she was so happy. So was I.