Saturday, April 24, 2010

'Pencess Dress!'

I've never watched Dancing With the Stars before. But we caught an early episode this season, and all of us in this house - Gary, myself, Ellie, Brad, Kate and Liezel, were mesmerized by Kate Gosselin's dancing (yes, mesmerized is probably the right word). We watched it, rewound it, and watched it again (what would we do without dvr?) And so we were hooked. I actually really like the show. We get the early feed from Detroit, so it's on at 6pm and we all snuggle up and watch it.

Except for Katey. As soon as she hears the DWTS music, she runs up to her room, then emerges in a dress as either Belle, Cinderella, Snow White or Aurora, with matching plastic princess shoes. While Dancing with the Stars is on, Kate provides the real entertainment by dancing around the living room in her princess dress. "Look me, look me! I Pencess." We all love it. You can feel the happy in the room.

Real happiness isn't a tidy house, quiet kids or a spouse who cleans up after himself. Although, who am I kidding - those things help after a long day... and while I'm at it, I could do with less pee backsplash in the bathroom. Bradley, I'm talking to you. At least I think I am. My real, raw happiness comes from these shared, lovely funny moments, and my conscience awareness of them. I want to remember all the details. These are, as they say, the best days...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bradley's new favourite joke

Ellie is obsessed with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series of books. Which means that Brad is also smitten with them. I thought the books might be a little too old for Ellie; let alone Brad. Bradley's new favourite joke, courtesy of DoaWK...

Boy goes to the Dr's office. Says he needs a new bum, because his current bum has a crack in it.

Cue roars of laughter.

*Please note: Mom insists they say Bum instead of Butt when telling this joke. The book says Butt.

** Further proof that no matter how much a mother can try to discourage her kids (boys especially) from potty humour, it is a futile effort.

Friday, April 2, 2010

You're a nerd. Embrace it.

The other day, Ellie was recounting a story about how one of the girls in her class was talking smack about one of their male classmates, who is crazy smart, reading at a grade 7 level, and Ellie's classmate called him a NERD.

I said, "That's not very nice - the poor kid. What IS a nerd, anyway, Ellie? Do you think he's a nerd?"

Well, Ellie replied, he's probably a nerd.

Gary pulled Ellie in and said, "Ellie, guess what.... YOU'RE a nerd."

"Your mother's a nerd, I'm a nerd, YOU are a NERD, Brad is a nerd, and Kate is probably going to be a nerd (although, she might be a female wrestler - the jury is still out...)

"Nerds love books. You are a nerd."

I told Ellie, nerds can also be funny and wear pretty clothes. So, now she's a proud nerd.

"Guess what Mommy.... I'm a nerd!"