Friday, April 2, 2010

You're a nerd. Embrace it.

The other day, Ellie was recounting a story about how one of the girls in her class was talking smack about one of their male classmates, who is crazy smart, reading at a grade 7 level, and Ellie's classmate called him a NERD.

I said, "That's not very nice - the poor kid. What IS a nerd, anyway, Ellie? Do you think he's a nerd?"

Well, Ellie replied, he's probably a nerd.

Gary pulled Ellie in and said, "Ellie, guess what.... YOU'RE a nerd."

"Your mother's a nerd, I'm a nerd, YOU are a NERD, Brad is a nerd, and Kate is probably going to be a nerd (although, she might be a female wrestler - the jury is still out...)

"Nerds love books. You are a nerd."

I told Ellie, nerds can also be funny and wear pretty clothes. So, now she's a proud nerd.

"Guess what Mommy.... I'm a nerd!"

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