Thursday, February 11, 2010

She might not be a b*tch, but she looks like one...

I shop at the Superstore. Loblaws for you people in Ontario. I've often swore, weekly at times, that I will never go back there. The lineups are ridiculously long (in Shawnessy especially - although the Mackenzie location is much better; for you south Calgarians...) and much of the clientele is rude. Ask anyone in Calgary - this is true. We eat a lot of ethnic food, organic food, supplements, and other things that can only be found at the Superstore. Plus, I can get my Oil of Olay body cream there. Bonus. (scent = heaven)

Anyway, it is an annoying place to shop. Carts must be rented, for free ultimately, for $1. I buy the $2 coins whose proceeds go to the Children's Hospital, but fit the carts, and I buy them about once every 2 weeks, because Gary always loses mine.

So, today I went to the store. The kids were all sick and I needed to get them lozenges, etc, so they stayed home with Liezel. I did my shopping and was out of there in 20 minutes. It was pretty pleasant. It is also usually pretty pleasant when I have the kids with me. They are seasoned shoppers. But, I was alone and efficient. And happy. Not to be alone. It was sunny; I was quick - it was good.

After I unloaded my groceries into the van, I walked away from the Honda to take the cart back and to retrieve my little $2 coin. A lady (who wreaked of smoke... not that there's anything wrong with that, but she did...) came up to me smiling and said, "I only have 65 cents. Would you take that for your loonie?" I didn't have a loonie, I had the charity coin, but I smiled and said "Sure."

"Thanks a lot", she said. "No problem. Have a great day," I replied.

As the lady walked away from me, I heard her say to her friend... "I'm surprised she gave me this token. She looks like a total bitch."

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  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohoh my, I was totally wondering where you were going with that post. I LOL'ed !!! a lot !!!! oh my toooooo funny ! She was just hatin on your skinny rocking self.xox have a great day !